Krystee Iris

Krystee Iris


Krystee Iris is an artist living and working from her home studio in Wellington, NZ. Mother to two young boys Louis and Lachlan her days are kept full! Art gives her a balance, rhythm and brings beauty into her everyday life. This beauty is seen in her love for colour, botanicals and fluid mediums such as watercolour. The loose style of watercolours has given Krystee the versatility to be expressive and explore all that the medium has to offer in contemporary ways. When not creating, Krystee is also found teaching watercolour workshops around New Zealand. Krystee’s love for teaching is seen in her workshops that are designed for all skill levels to come and create together in a relaxed and fun environment.



Krystee-Iris has been fascinated by the process of working with fluid mediums such as Encaustic and Watercolours over the past 10 years. Fluid mediums create spontaneous textures, forms and colours. These mediums organically invite the artist to a process of abstraction, to let go of control and remain open to the possibilities and suggestions that the media reveals. A major source of inspiration comes from natural landscape: the colours, textures, how the land is formed. Each painting is an open-ended exploration, working with equal parts, spontaneity and careful analysis. The result is a surface rich in colour and depth that invites the viewer to contemplate it’s complexity.

I had a piece commissioned for a friends 40th, Krystee really captured my vision for the painting. Krystee sent me colourings along the way to make sure I was happy with the tone of the painting. The final picture was incredible and beyond what I imagined, needless to say my friend loved it.

We have found Krystee very versatile in her techniques and been happy to accommodate our requests for paintings

We have purchased many paintings for ourselves and for friends over the years since first meeting Krystee and all of them have become statement pieces in the home with many people commenting on how great they are.
— Jenna Limmer